The Two Pair Poker Hand

Poker has been known for the different minute complexities that make it more exciting and fun to play. Millions of people have already been into the game for a chance to experience and enjoy the fun that goes with the game. The poker hand rankings give players something to look forward to as their cards start to unravel on top of the table.

The two pair card combination is a very important poker rank. Even though it is just a pair higher than the one pair poker hand, it gives players a pretty decent card combination to compete with. This is a pretty strong hand especially if all the other players fail to complete any five card combination. This gives players sufficient reason not to fold before reaching the final betting round. In short, it is safer to have a two pair poker hand than to have a one pair and a high card.

An example of a two pair card combination is a J, J, 8, 4 and 4. It is basically made up of two cards having the same value, another two cards with another value, and another single card. The major components of this two pair are the pair of jacks and the pair of 4. If ever another player gets a 10, 10, 9, 9 and 8, this individual would still lose to the first set of cards because this player's highest pair is lower than the first player's highest pair.

If ever another situation happens wherein the first player gets a J, J, 9, 9 and 3 while the second player gets a J, J, A, 7, and 7, the first player would still win because despite having the same pair as the second player, the other pair of this individual is higher than the second player's other pair. No matter how complex the game of poker is, there are still ways on how the players can determine who the sole winner really is.

But what else will happen if the two top players both get the same two pairs? Will there be a tie? The obvious answer is no. Even if the first player gets a 3, 3, 8, 8 and 4 while the second gets a 5, 8, 8, 3 and 3, there is still a way to determine the fate of these two players. In this particular situation, the second player gets the win because this individual's non-pair card is higher than the first player's non-pair card. The non-pair card that usually goes with the two pairs is referred to as the kicker. This is important in cases where a couple of players can have the same ranks of pairs.

To avoid confusion in playing the game of poker, players need to know by heart the little intricacies which can definitely affect the outcome of any game. The different poker hand rankings allow players to maneuver their way to win. Without this knowledge, they can never find their way to victory.