The High Card: The Lowest Level of the Poker Hand Rankings

Just like anything else in this world, there are things that people usually avoid. As basketball players avoid hitting blank shots, and postmen avoid delivering letters to the wrong places, poker players also avoid getting the high-card poker rank. This card gives any player a very little chance of winning in poker games.

The high-card just lacks the capacity to beat any other card combinations that can be found within the poker hand rankings. This poker hand contains five individual cards that are totally unrelated with each other. A player can never form any combination from this set of cards. Now who would like to have a card like that? Players consider their cards trash if ever they receive this set of cards.

One example of a high-card poker hand is the combination 2, 4, J, Q and A. Any poker player would definitely hate having a card combination like that. A player can win with this card combination through the use of bluffing. If a player is a good bluffer, this individual could have better chances of winning than a player who is not that good in bluffing at all.

The aforementioned poker hand can also win if all the other players in the table do also have high-card poker hands. In this way, all of them would now be in level ground. This will equalize the situation wherein the players will end up comparing the rankings of their individual cards. The 2, 3, J, Q and A combination that was mentioned above would win over card combinations such as 2, 5, 7, 10 and A. However, it will lose in a card combination that is made up of 3, 2, A, K and 6.

Among the three high-card poker hand mentioned above, the 3, 2, A, K and 6 would win. It is because even though all of them have the ace cards as their highest individual card, the 3, 2, A, K and 6 card combination has the king as its second-highest individual card. This very fact made the last high-card poker hand the winner. In case the other card combinations both have the ace and the king as their highest individual cards, the outcome of the game would now be determined by their third highest individual cards.

No wonder why poker players call the high-card poker hand garbage. If any single player gets a single pair among the cards, that individual would immediately win the game. Such a low card combination would definitely have very little chances of winning. Players who encounter such poker hand are advised to fold, especially if they think that their opponents have more superior cards.