The Royal Flush Poker Hand

The poker hand rankings determine who wins in every particular poker game. This basic knowledge is very important to players for them to be able to know what strategies and adjustments they are about to do with the different cards at hand. If there is indeed a god among the different poker hands it would be the royal flush. This almighty card combination can defeat all the other possible combinations that can be formed on top of the poker table.

A royal flush combines the highest valued cards in a sequential order under a single suit. It is like merging the sequential order of an ordinary straight poker hand with the sequential ordering of the cards. These two elements would make a straight flush poker hand. However, there is a much stronger poker hand than a straight flush and it comes in the form of a royal flush.

But what does separate a royal flush from a straight flush. Both of these poker hands are arranged in sequential order and are both under a single suit. However, a royal flush is considered the ultimate poker hand because its cards include all the highest figures included in a complete set of cards. A royal flush is basically made up of the cards 10, J, Q, K and A with all having the same suit.

The highest card in a royal flush is always an ace. Without it, the poker hand would immediately fall into the straight flush category. So all in all, there can only be four sets of royal flush in a complete deck of cards. They are the clubs royal flush, the spades royal flush, the hearts royal flush and the diamond royal flush.

All the other poker hands, starting from the one pair up to the straight flush, cannot match up to the power of a royal flush. This poker hand is an absolute victory for players who can have their hands on such lucky cards. It is called a royal flush because it includes all the highest figures, specifically the J, Q and K. These three figures represent the highest people in a monarchy. Such royal figures deserve such a royal name when combined.

A royal flush is the highest possible card combination in the world of poker. This is a poker hand in which all the poker players in the world would definitely glad to have. Playing poker with a royal flush at hand is the ultimate poker experience. It cannot get any better than this.