The Three-of-a-Kind Poker Hand

The game of poker consists of different card combinations whose values are determined in reference to the poker hand rankings. Players actually base their actions on top of the poker table on the value of their cards. Players eventually fold when they have cards with inferior value. Meanwhile, their cards may eventually lead to raise their bets or even call once they have cards with superior value.

Because of this, it is pretty much obvious that understanding the different poker hand rankings is of great importance for every player to have before playing the game. Without this fundamental knowledge about the game, they would not know what to do with the cards they are holding.

In the poker hand rankings, the three-of-a-kind is already a high ranking card combination. Players who get this kind of card combination can already have a better chance of winning. Once all the other players get a high-card, one pair and two pair poker hands, the player with a three-of-a-kind can win the game in an instant. By having guts, players can actually win with this card combination.

The three-of-a-kind is usually made up of three cards that have the same value combined with another two cards with different values. One example of this card combination is a 4, 4, 4, 9 and 8. This poker hand is higher than other card combinations like Q, Q, J, 4 and 9, and A, A, K, K and Q. Players who can get such poker hand is suggested to make a possible raise or even call on the game.

The three-of-a-kind poker hand is usually the one that separates the lower card combinations from the higher card combinations which include the straight, the flush, the full house, the four-of-a-kind, the straight flush and the royal flush. This is already a pretty high poker rank, so players can go for the win if ever they get this card combination.

But what would happen next in case a couple of players get the same three-of-a-kind poker hands that have the same values? When the first player gets a 5, 5, 5, 7 and 3, while the second one gets a 5, 5, 5, 4 and 2, how can the winner be determined? The right answer is to look at the value of their kickers, or the highest individual card that each player has. In the given example, the winner would be the first player because that individual's kicker is 7, which is higher than the second player's 4.

Indeed, poker hand rankings make the game more enjoyable and fun to watch. The excitement and the thrill that these would generate are certainly unmatched. Poker games are really fun as the players try to get card combinations that are always more superior over the rest of the other players.

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